Sooner or later, Mothers Need to Know How to Wean Children

Weaning or stopping a baby from breastfeeding can sometimes be an emotional time for both mother and baby. Not only will there be a change in the way the baby gets nutrition, but because most babies get peace by breastfeeding directly from the mother's breast. Don't worry, weaning does not always signify the end of an intimate bond between mother and child. Mothers can look for other ways such as hugging, playing or reading books together. When is the Right Weaning? Actually, in determining when to wean a child depends on the choice of each mother. However, the optimal recommended period for babies to get exclusive breastfeeding is six months. While the general period of breastfeeding mothers is until the baby is two years old. After the baby is six months old, he can start getting additional nutrition in addition to breast milk, through MPASI (Complementary Food for Mother's Milk). Some experts describe several signs that babies can be weaned, including: Babies can
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